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GiorgioArmani regenessence [3.r] eye rejuvenating serum

GiorgioArmani regenessence [3.r] eye rejuvenating serum

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GiorgioArmani regenessence [3.r] eye rejuvenating serum

Product Description

An innovative weapon for the eyes with an ultra-fresh beveled applicator to eliminate puffiness, reduce lines and wrinkles and transform the eye contour. With Giorgio Armani's exclusive [3.R] technology plus yeast extract, caffeine, and tensor agents for eye rejuvenation. 91% of women show younger looking eyes. ABOUT REGENESSENCE [3.R]: Discover REGENESSENCE [3.R], the first advanced regenerative skincare* Inspired by advanced regenerative medicine research pioneered by Dr. Peter Lorenz, Regenessence 3.R technology targets the 3 levels of the skin with 3 powerful ingredients: ProXylan, Linseed Extract and Vitamin CP. The results: In 1 hour, wrinkles reduced 71%. In 6 days, skin is rebounced and radiant 88%. In 1 month, gain up to 6 years of youth** *By Giorgio Armani **Self assessment of 50 women immediately, after 6 days, and 4 weeks.

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